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Ballroom Dancing Club


Designed to help you accomplish your goals!

The Ballroom Medal Project

Do you have the desire to learn how to dance but aren't exactly sure where to begin? Maybe you've been dancing for a while but don't have a specific goal. You are not alone! Seeing flashy moves done with ease can be intimidating but like all great things, there is a process. In fact, there is a set syllabus for each dance with techniques proven to help you master latin, ballroom and partner dancing!

Step 1 - The Plan

I’ve developed my own Ballroom Masters Program to help beginner to advanced level dancers achieve success. In this program, you will receive 2 to 3+ private lessons per month.

Step 2 - The Commitment

Once you start, we will develop and master leading, following, technique and musicality; skills necessary to become proficient in ballroom, latin and partner dancing. As you continue on your journey, you'll have the opportunity to earn awards along the way!

Step 3 - Start Your Subscription

Currently, there are two options available

Monthly Flex (2-Lesson Package)

2 (45-Min) Private Lessons 

Free cancellation at any time

Monthly Flex (3-Lesson Package)

3 (45-Min) Private Lessons

Free cancellation at any time


Please note, unlike 5 - 10 private lesson packages, monthly flex subscriptions renew on the same day each month until cancelled and lessons do not roll over to the following month. Additional lessons or packages can be booked under the "Book a Lesson" link in the navigation bar .

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