Chris Williams Dance

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1. I just want to learn the basics, how long will it take?

Every dance has a set of basics regardless of the style. With consistency, it takes 12 weeks to see a transformation. In order to maintain and continuously grow, dance should be done on a regular basis. I recommend taking at least two private lessons a week plus practicing on your own to ensure growth.

2. Do I need a partner?

No, you do not need a partner. One of the most important things in dance is learning how to move your own body regardless of gender. Men need to know how to present masculine energy and women femininity for quality of movement.

3. I want to learn one specific dance style.

You want to make sure you don't limit yourself to just one style of dance. For example, if you want to learn Country 2-Step, it would be just as important to know how to Waltz and East Coast Swing. The reason being is different dances offer different things that can be beneficial in Country 2-Step. There could be a country song with an East Coast Swing or Waltz beat just as easily as there could be a Country 2-Step Tempo. I can help you differentiate the two.

4. Men say they can't dance and have no rhythm, is this true?

What men fear is the presentation of dance and these are just a few of the excuses. Many guys are afraid that they will look silly but what's important is to understand how to present a strong masculine energy while dancing. Previously, male clients who come in with zero dance experience tend to find and view partner dancing as an exciting challenge. Knowing how to present yourself is just as important as leading and I can help you with both!

5. Should I take private or group lessons?

I recommend both regardless of what level you are at. Private lessons give you one-on-one advantages that group classes do not. Those who take private lessons grow at a much quicker rate than those who only take group. However, group classes are beneficial for learning how to dance lead and follow roles with other dancers. 

6. Do I need shoes?

Shoes with a  leather sole are highly recommended. The worst type of shoes to wear, especially when learning are open toed shoes, boots, and shoes with grip. These can hinder accurate techniques and foot placement which are very important when learning how to dance.

7. Should I have a glass of wine or alcohol to loosen up before class?!

While we all love our wine, it is preferred to save the drinks for after class. When you are learning something new, you want to make sure that you are fully present and alcohol tends to slow down our ability to retain information. After class, go for it!

8. Why ballroom dancing?

Ballroom provides the chance to connect with your mind, body and soul. Your mind is learning a new skill that allows your brain to work in a way by learning patterns that it's not used to. Ballroom also requires physical exertion so you are challenging your mind in addition to burning calories while building a strong core and increasing flexibility. Ballroom dance releases a rush of endorphins allowing you to feel great while you move!

9. Am I too old to learn?

Absolutely not! One of the amazing things about ballroom is that it is offered at performance, social and competitive levels (85+ categories). I start teaching as young as 7+. Some of my clients also happen to be in their 70s and 80s. Teaching is based on your skills and styling that are beneficial for you.

10. Should I compete?

I encourage competition for all ages and one reason is it gives you a dance goal. Competitions can also be done at any level. Example: If you've only taken a few group classes, they have a competition for that regardless of age. Whether you compete or not, I highly encourage is having a personal dance goal whether it be a competition, showcase or being accurate in dance knowledge. If you think you can't, know that you can!